Pests, insects, and rodents are a part of life. It’s hard to avoid them entirely. However, if an infestation happens in your home it can be timely and at low cost to eradicate them with the help of Bristol pest control services. 

After years of experience as leading pest control in Bristol, here are several things we all do that can create a bigger attraction for pests. So let’s jump into what might be causing pests to choose to infest your home.


1. Rubbish bins

Rubbish is the number one attraction for all pests. Rubbish bins, both inside and outside, are a food source and nesting spot for pests. 

Bins inside can attract insects, while outside the bins can attract birds and foxes, and bins both inside and outside can attract rodents. If your bins are overflowing, leaking, or poorly sealed then you are welcoming pests into your home or on your property.

Ensure rubbish is double bagged, especially food waste, and that you are keeping up with waste collection days to avoid piling up and inviting infestations.


2. Food

Food is one of the worst ways you can attract pests. If you are not cleaning up spills and crumbs quickly or leaving food containers open on the counters, then you have an “all pests welcome” sign hanging in front of your house.

All pests, from cockroaches to flies to rats, are attracted to food. Whether it’s leftover pizza in a cardboard box, spilled juice on the floor, or overripe fruit in the fruit bowl, pests will come. We recommend you clean up unwanted food immediately, store leftovers and open packaging in airtight containers in the fridge or cupboards, and clean the surfaces and floors of your kitchen and eating areas daily.


3. Dishes

It is so tempting to leave the dishes until the morning, but like cleaning up crumbs and spills, cleaning dirty dishes is important to do quickly.

It might seem like a few hours won’t matter, but if pests find their way in, infestations quickly happen. After years of providing pest control in Bristol, we know the importance of quickly cleaning up food and dishes.


4. Cleanliness

Overall, it is important to keep your home clean and tidy. While hoovering, doing laundry, and mopping might not seem like it will prevent pests, it definitely does. Dirtiness can attract pests and allow them to hide.

Don’t forget to clean around where your pet eats and sleeps as well.


5. Clutter 

Clutter in garages, lofts, attics, wardrobes, cabinets, and spare rooms provides pests with shelter and areas to nest. 

Keep these areas clean and organised so you can spot any infestations easily and quickly.


6. The Garden

Your garden can attract pests, and once they’re there they will slowly venture into your house in search of food.

Make sure there are no leftover food, rotting food, unkept and overgrowing areas, or areas to nest and borrow.

If you have pests outside your home, contact a pest control service in Bristol before they infest your home.


7. Feeding birds

Many of us love to bird watch, and there is no better way than with bird feeders. However, rodents can be attracted to bird food.

After years of advising on pest control in Bristol, we advise against feeding birds in your garden and near your home. 


8. Lights

Bright lights on attract several different pests to your home that will swarm the bulbs. 

To avoid pests and protect the environment, avoid leaving lights on for long periods of time.


9. Damp

Pests like cockroaches, ants, slugs, and silverfish, thrive in damp moist environments. 

Leaky pipes, steamy showers, or too much humidity, is breeding grounds for these pests. Unfortunately, many British homes are very damp. Investing in a dehumidifier and making sure any leaking pipes are fixed quickly will do wonders for your home, and to prevent pests. 


10. Gaps, cracks, and crevices

All cracks, crevices, and small hideaways are places for pests to wedge their way in and Rodents are always on the lookout for a way into your home and mice especially can squeeze through tiny holes. Thin cracks in windows and doorframes can also provide a way inside for insects. We advise searching for and sealing up any potential entry points to pests, no matter how small.


Call a Bristol Pest Control Service

While many people think during the autumn months pets are returning to the ground and we won’t see them again until the spring, many pests are thriving. 

If you have any pests, please reach out to your local Bristol pest controller immediately to ensure you, your family, your pets, and your colleagues are pest free.