Birds of various types have long been an integral part of urban life and as much as we like to see birds feeding in our gardens, the same can not be said of slipping in pigeon mess on the pavement or dodging gulls flying overhead.

In our experience, most of the problems we deal with are due mainly to gulls and pigeons.  Both of these species now have a massive presence in Bristol and the surrounding areas and there are many problems being caused associated with these birds and they have become a very serious nuisance.

Gulls and Pigeons cause serious problems for both domestic and commercial properties within Bristol and the surrounding areas.

These problems include

  • Damage to buildings
  • Noise nuisance and disturbance
  • Fouling and contamination
  • Accidents caused by slipping on droppings
  • Aggressive ‘dive bombing’ when young are present (Gulls)

At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we have over 20 years of experience in helping both domestic and commercial customers solve their pest bird issues, from netting large areas of commercial buildings to stopping pigeons roosting under solar panels on domestic houses, or gulls making nests on domestic chimneys.

We have a large array of bird control solutions to suit every need and environment both domestic and commercial including

  • Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire Systems

We also carry out Decontamination services including Guano removal and anti-viricidal treatments to keep you safe and disease free.

Whatever your bird problems are, we WILL be able to help solve your issue.

We have an apartment block in Bristol and were receiving complaints that cars were continually being fouled upon by pigeons in the underground car park. We called both Rent-o-Kill and Advance Pest Control Bristol to discuss our needs. Rent-o-Kill did not seem too interested in our problem and booked an appointment for almost three weeks, when we called Advance Pest Control Bristol Adam booked an appointment with our facilities manager for the next day. Adam inspected the whole site and found various areas where pigeons were making their way into the underground area. He drew up a proposal of works including four large areas that needed to be netted to prevent access and areas that needed bird spikes to prevent overnight roosting. We were so happy with the service Adam provided, we did not even keep our other appointment.
Adam and his team turned up and carried out all works with the minimum of disturbance and completed works easily within the timescale given. We are so happy with the service provided and the level of workmanship that we would happily recommend Advance Pest Control Bristol to any other Bristol business or home that has any bird issues.

Ashley Sheppard

Director, Limestone Property Services

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