It’s almost that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder. Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to put up your tree. There is nothing that raises the holiday spirits more and creates that warm magical feeling of joy like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. If you ask the best pest control service in Bristol they will tell you that the holiday season is a very common time of year to find bugs in your home, likely carried in by or attracted to your Christmas tree. Let’s get into the difficulties that may arise from your Christmas tree and how to deal with them. 

Damage Caused By Christmas Tree Bugs

One good thing when it comes to bugs in your Christmas tree is that most Christmas tree bugs only live inside the tree, they don’t feed off of it. The bugs will perish once their habitat is changed due to lack of nutrients and unfamiliar climates. They will never leave your home because the conditions there are unsuitable for them. So, they will dry out and perish. Most of the bugs that live in your Christmas tree are safe and won’t actually cause any damage to your house. However, you should always avoid squishing bugs in your home as they could leave unsightly stains on your walls and furniture. If you are still concerned about the bugs in your home feel free to contact the best pest control service in Bristol.

How To Remove Bugs From Your Christmas Tree

When it comes to pest control, the best first step is always to try and avoid the pests in the first place. Just ask the best pest control service in Bristol and they will agree that the best idea is to try to get ahead of the game this year. When you are out shopping for your perfect Christmas tree it is a good idea to bring along a flashlight. Do not hesitate to get down and dirty to make sure your home stays clean and bug free this Christmas season. Step one is thoroughly examining the tree before bringing it to your home. If you have any questions regarding what to look for while examining your tree, reach out to the best pest control service in Bristol.

Once you do have your tree at home, it is always helpful if possible to leave the tree outside of the actual home itself for a few days. If you have a garage or shed to store the tree in then you are set. Once you put the tree in the garage shake it out to scare off any pests currently living in it. Leave the tree for a few days and come back to give it another shake. By this time it is very likely that the bugs have either left the tree or started to die.  

It is always a good idea to sweep the floor around the tree after shaking it off each time in case there are any little bugs around that you may not be able to see otherwise. If you feel the need to have a second opinion, the best pest control service in Bristol is always here to help. 

What If Some Bugs Still Made It Inside?

If you have followed all of the previously mentioned steps, there is a good chance that you won’t have to worry about any bugs actually making it into your home. However, if you do notice that a bug or two made it past all of your precautions you do not have reason to worry. These bugs may find temporary shelter in your property, but soon enough they will start to die off. The reason being that, as mentioned earlier, these bugs are not used to the climates in your home and do not have access to the food they require to stay alive. The most you will need to worry about is sweeping and vacuuming the areas around the tree to ensure there are no dead bugs left. 

We hope your Holiday season is filled with happiness and if you do find yourself with a bug situation don’t hesitate to contact the best pest control service in Bristol.