Few insects seem to cause as much concern as cockroaches and finding them in your home or business can be very distressing indeed.  They are recognised carriers of disease including Salmonella Gastro-enteritis and Dysentery. The problem with these insects is until the levels are quite dramatic, they can often go completely unnoticed and when they do, you are usually facing quite a heavy infestation.  Worldwide, there are approximately 4,500 species of cockroach but just 30 are classed as pest species.

In Bristol and the surrounding areas, there are 2 prevalent species that are usually encountered.  These are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.

Cockroaches are extremely resilient insects and their capacity to breed makes calling in a professional your only option.  Although there are some cockroach products on the domestic market place, NONE of these are strong enough to rid you of an established infestation. ONLY expert treatment and products will provide a lasting solution.

How to spot if you have cockroaches

  • Visual sightings – Cockroaches are predominantly nocturnal and will be out of sight during the day.  Turning the lights on unexpectedly in a room can catch them unaware and cause cockroaches to scatter in all directions.
  • Strange/unusual smell – Infested areas and cockroach harbourage sites often give off and unpleasant odour, often described as musty or oily.
  • Shed skins – Cockroaches can go through 5-8 stages of development where they ‘cast’ their nymphal skins which can often be found near areas of harbourage.
  • Droppings – Usually between the size of ground pepper to coffee grounds.
  • Egg Cases (Oothecae) – Oval shaped egg cases are often found in and around an infested area.

Cockroach treatment

At Advance Pest Control Bristol we are experts in cockroach control whether in your home or business.  Firstly, we will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify the pest species of cockroach that is present.  We will identify areas of harbourage and look for signs of high traffic areas.  Once we have inspected and identified the species and level of infestation, we can get to work clearing the infestation.

We have a wide range of professional only products In our armoury that will see fantastic results, even after one visit.  Depending on the level of infestation the amount of treatments needed can vary.  One thing we can guarantee is that you will dramatic results in no time.

See what other people have said about our cockroach treatments:

I run a bookmakers in St Paul’s, Bristol that has a large number of flats above it. We began to experience a problem with cockroaches and in no time we became over run. After calling Advance Pest Control Bristol, Adam made a visit to us within two hours and started his first treatment immediately. Three visits later, we were completely cockroach free. I can not recommend Adam highly enough for his expediency and professionalism. A truly 5☆ service.

Dave M

Manager, Coral

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