Due to the cold winter the wasp season has started around six weeks early this year, add on the summer heatwave and the wasps have thrived, resulting in huge wasps nests!

The anatomy of a wasp restricts what it can digest, so any food they catch such as flies and insects are chewed up and fed to the larvae, who in turn produce a sugary spit that the wasps can eat. As the queen has already stopped laying eggs this year there are no larvae left for the adult wasps to feed. This has lead to wasps going out and feeding on any sweet things they can find.

Rotten fruit, fizzy and alcoholic drinks have been the wasp’s favorite snacks this summer, but this has had a somewhat adverse effect on the wasps! They are getting drunk! And the drunk wasps are behaving badly, going on stinging rampages attacking everything in sight. Sober wasps are not the most pleasant of insects the best of times, but a drunk wasp is something you definitely want to avoid!

If you have spotted a wasp nest at your property, then it is advised that you contact Advance Pest Control Bristol to come and safely remove the wasp nest and get rid of the wasps from your property.  It is never advised that you attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself as they are aggressive and will not hesitate to sting you, drunk or not! If you are unsure of your allergy status to a wasp sting, then you should definitely keep your distance until a professional has effectively eliminated the wasp problem.

If you are having trouble with a wasp nest, then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol for quick effective wasp nest removal. Call us today on – 0777 150 3107