Fleas (Ctenocephalides) are one of the most common pests to have in your home. The most common of flea species is the cat flea. You can have fleas even if you do not have any pets in your home as they can be inherited from previous owners of your property.

Fleas are wholly parasitic on the blood of humans and animals. The female flea lays her eggs after feeding and can lay upto 1000 eggs in her lifetime and female fleas can live up to two years.

Once bitten by fleas, most people come up in a small red itchy bump on the skin that becomes incredibly sensitive and once scratched, can bleed easily and get infected.

Even though it is widely accepted that the bubonic plague was transmitted by bacteria carried by fleas that lived on black rats,  there is little evidence that fleas in the UK spread any disease.

Adult fleas are approximately 2.5mm in length and are usually dark red to reddish brown.  Their bodies are very thin and flat.  They get from place to place by being able to jump from host to host being able to jump vertically up to 7 inches at a time.

How to spot if you have a wasp nest

  • Constant scratching from your cat or dog
  • If your cat or dogs underside becomes very pink/red
  • Bites, small reddish raised areas on your skin (usually around your ankles and legs)
  • Seeing fleas jump

Flea Treatment

There are a number of treatments that you can buy over the counter for your animals. Natural remedies for your pets will not work. Only propriety treatments containing an insecticide will work on your animals.  Veterinary practices and some home ware shops will sell you products to treat your home, these products will usually contain a pyrethrin insecticide, this will kill adult fleas on contact but will not kill eggs and larvae.  To this effect Flea treatment is best left to the professionals.

See what other people have said about our flea treatments:

My cat had been scratching excessively for a week or two and I then began to come up with bites on my legs.  I’d had this problem many times before and usually found that I could get a handle on it. I bought some aerosol sprays from my vet and sprayed my house, initially it seemed to work but after 2 weeks, it seemed the house was inundated!  Before calling Adam from Advance Pest Control Bristol, I’d spent  over £70 on products that did not work!  I called Adam at 8am and by 10.30am my whole house had been treated. Adam explained that my cat was to stay out of the house until the insecticide was dry, then it would be safe for him to re-enter. I carried out Adams instructions post treatment and am very pleased to say that within a couple days, the bites stopped and I saw no more fleas. One very happy cat.. One very happy owner.

Mr B Coles

Fishponds, Bristol

Call ADAM at Advance Pest Control Bristol TODAY on 07771503107 to book your treatment and rid your home of fleas once and for all.