Winter is coming! And so are the winter pests! It’s coming sooner that you might think so it’s time to start thinking about getting a plan together on how your going to keep those pesky winter pests out! After summer is gone we might think that all our pest problems are solved but in fact, it’s things like small insects such as spiders to big pests such as rats and mice that start entering our homes in search of food and shelter. Rodents love finding a home where they can keep warm throughout the winter months with access to a good source of food.

So they best way to get rid of these pests is to stop them entering in the first place, and here’s how you can help pest proof your home this winter.

Outside The House – Make sure you do your outdoor checks as winter draws in to ensure there is nowhere that pests might be able to enter your property. For example, through small cracks on the outside of your house mice and rats can fit through the smallest of gaps to make sure they are all filled in.

The Garden – Pests such as mice and even insects like places they can build nests that are sheltered so if you have any sheds or firewood outside your home it’s a perfect place for a mouse or rat to live so make sure you check all these places before the cold weather comes and they want to move into the house.

Keeping The House Clean – Pests only like coming into properties where there is a good source of food as well as warmth. Make sure you keep your home clean and as clutter free as possible, so the intruders do not have anywhere to make nests.

Firewood – Make sure if you have a log burner or store firewood inside your home that you keep firewood outside of the house at least 20 feet from the property this will help prevent bringing pests into your home on the firewood.

Infestations – Keep on the lookout for any sort of infestations, if you notice droppings or gnawed and chewed up materials in your home it’s important that you contact Advance Pest Control Bristol today to ensure the issue is addressed immediately. Any delay in dealing with any sort of infestation give the problem time to get worse and things like rats and mice and multiply faster than is worth thinking about. Catching infestations early is also a good way to prevent further damage to your property and costly repair bills.

Follow these top tips this winter to help prevent you having any issues with a pest infestation. If you suspect may already have a pest infestation or if you would like some advice on how we can help you pest proof your home or business, please contact Advance Pest Control Bristol on 0777 150 3107