Ants are social insects that work together hunting for food. At some point most of us will experience an ant infestation as ants target houses and buildings when out looking for food so they have access to a good food source to build a colony to survive. This is why Advance Pest Control Bristol have put together a few top tips to try out if you start to see the 6-legged creatures running around your kitchen.

Top Tips

  1. Ant Powder – Ant powder works when the ants come into contact with it so it is most effective when sprinkled directly on the ants nest. The best way to find the ants nest is to follow the trail of ants heading back to the nest. It can also be effective by putting the powder down in areas where the ants are getting into your home, as the insecticide acts as a repellent.
  2. Seal Entry Points – This is no easy task as ants are so small they can fit through the tiniest cracks, however, if you do spot an area the ants are using to enter your home then try and seal it the best you can to prevent them entering your property.
  3. Ant Bait – this is as effective as ant powder however the bait is used to attract the ants and a slow release poison is mixed within allowing the ants to carry the poison bait back to the colony before they die. Also, when ants die other ants will eat them so any dead ants in the colony will also spread the poison throughout the colony.
  4. Clear Food Away – The main reason for ants coming into your home is the search for food. So, any food left out on the sides, crumbs on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink will attract ants. So, a good way to keep ants out it to put any food that’s not being eaten away, keep dishes clean and sweep or hover floors regular. Bins also attract ants so keep emptying them regular.
  5. Call Advance Pest Control Bristol – If all these tips above fail then it is time to call Advance Pest Control Bristol! Advance Pest Control Bristol has the training and equipment to effectively make short work of an ant infestation.

Although some of the above techniques can be effective in getting rid of ants it is important that you destroy the whole nest to ensure the ants to not reappear. Quite often we find that the use of shop bought ant extermination products does not kill the whole nest which is why it is always best to contact us first for advice on how we can remove the ant nest for you.

If your struggling with an ant infestation, then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol today on 0777 150 3107