Pest Control Bristol

You may already be aware that leaving food lying around tends to attract a variety of pests; however you may be surprised of some of the other things that can attract insects and vermin to your home. Have a look at these 4 common things that attract pests and how you can prevent them.

  1. Moisture in Your Home – Insects are attracted to moisture, so it is important to check all your plumbing and make sure you don’t have any leaks. If you find leaks in your home then it is important to get it fixed not only to deter pests but to avoid any damage to your property.
  2. Clutter – Rodents and insects love to burrow and hide so piles of newspapers, magazines and other clutter are very attractive to pests. It’s good to have a clear out and get rid of things that you don’t use or need, by doing this you will be able to deter pests from your home as well as having a neater more organised living space.
  3. Tiny Cracks and Holes – Common places for insects and other pests to get into your property are the windows and door seals so make sure windows and doors are all sealed. As well as this there may be other cracks around your property that small pests and insects may use to get into your home, so make sure that you check the foundations, walls for cracks and vents, plumbing, phone lines and any other holes that may be in your property and make sure that they are sealed correctly.
  4. If you have checked your entire home and sealed all cracks and hole and are still having pest problems then it could be something to do with the outside of your property. The best thing to do is contact your local pest control service and have them come and deal with the pest problems for you.

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