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Although moles are never seen, the damage they cause is highly visible.  Almost overnight a well-manicured lawn, field or golf course can be devastated with the occurrence of many molehills.  Without prompt action, the problem can become very extensive indeed and spread from one area to the next.  A mole can dig its way through an amazing 14 metres of soil in just one hour.

Why are moles in your garden?

The main reason for moles to be present is a plentiful food source.  Moles eat invertebrates living underground such as earthworms and the larvae of beetles and flies.  Unfortunately, too it would seem that a mole will tend to favour well-manicured lawns.


Mole control can be a significant challenge to the professional pest controller as underground the mole has created a very intricate maze of tunnels in which to carry out its daily routine.  Tunnels are dug at different depths depending on the specific use of the tunnel, whether it be for feeding, sleeping or breeding.

Why choose Advance Pest Control Bristol?

At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we have the required experience and expertise to quickly eliminate a mole problem ethically and without posing a threat to any non-target species.  In a domestic garden, there is also NO risk posed to your children whilst a treatment is underway.

In 22 years of operation, we have carried out treatments on school football pitches, farms, golf courses and in churchyards to name a few.

See what other people have said about our mole treatments:

Only a couple of weeks after having our lawn turfed, we noticed dips and shallow areas under foot. We called Advance Pest Control Bristol and Adam attended our home the next day. Adam pulled back a couple of strips of the turf to expose a very large number of tunnels in the soil beneath. Although there was no mole hills present, Adam assured me that these were mole tunnels and laid some traps. He called back within a couple of days and managed to caught the mole. I’m glad to say, I now have a beautiful lawn that is totally mole free. I would whole heartedly recommend Adam to anyone experiencing this problem as his knowledge and work practice is excellent.

Nigel Sommers

Dundry, Bristol

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