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Ant Control and Treatment can be very difficult and time-consuming if you do not know what signs you are looking for. Dealing with problem ants and controlling their rapid expansion can cost you a small fortune. Calling in the professionals can save you both time and money, and many sleepless nights.

Do Ants Carry Disease?

UK Garden or Black ants are not thought to be vectors of disease and are usually classed as harmless. They do not bite.  Having ants present in your home or business can be a serious cause for concern as they contaminate your food, stock, preparation areas, and cupboards, etc. Ants in the family home can be bad enough, but ants in your business, i.e Café or restaurant can be a major cause of concern for your customers and can have a prolonged negative effect on your business reputation. A single colony can consist of one million ants.

Having an ant infestation in the commercial environment can be very costly to your business. Businesses that require stringent hygiene standards, means being ant free. Hospitals, schools, nurseries, food warehouses, offices, and pubs need to take ant infestation very seriously.

Ants make their way into your home or business looking for delicious protein-based foods on which to feed and take back to their nests and once a suitable food source is found the ants provide a pheromone trail allowing many more ants to follow and often infest, numbering in the thousands.

If you are seeing the odd ant scurrying around your kitchen, they may have made come into your property to have a scout around to see where, if any, the available food sources are. This could be the scouting group for a much larger colony.

How Are Ants Getting Into My Property?

There are many ways ants can find their way into your business or home, including:

  • Air Bricks and Weep Holes – These are the most common point of entry into your home
  • Window and door frames – Ants only need a minimal gap to enter, often in damaged or rotten wooden frames.
  • Utility points – Is there a gap around pipes leading into the cavity wall?
  • Damaged pointing – Ants can easily gain access to holes in the damaged mortar.


Can I Use A DIY Treatment?

Although there are Ant control treatments that you can buy over the counter, these seldom work. These products usually have very little residual activity and are not very strong. They can produce a quick knock down of insects that they come in contact with but are very limited in controlling problems in the long-term. To this effect, Ant treatment is best left to the professionals.

As Bristol Ant control experts, we have a vast array of products in our arsenal to help rid you of your nuisance pests permanently. We use insecticide varieties including gels and water-based products. All treatments we carry out are safe for your family and pets.

See what other people have said about our ant treatments:

I own a stationery shop, and Adam had helped me with a rodent issue I had there, I called Adam regarding ants at my home, and he visited my wife the same day.  Adam found that the ants were making their way in from a hole in the wall of the kitchen and had made a nest behind some pine paneling on the kitchen walls.  He treated with a water based insecticide on the outside of the kitchen walls and used a gel bait inside the kitchen itself.  My wife said she could see immediate results and by the time I came home, there was not one ant in sight.  Adam did a fantastic job and I would recommend him very highly and will not hesitate to use him again in the future.


Stationary World, Park Street, Bristol

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