At low levels, Bed Bugs can be incredibly difficult to find, even for the trained professional.

At Advance pest control Bristol Ltd, we are continually updating our skills and training, to keep up to date and ahead of the advances in our industry.

To this effect, we are one of the 1st Bristol pest control companies that can now offer a Bed Bug Detection test to see if you have bed bugs within your home.

We use a Bed Bug Rapid test that is a revolutionary new bedbug detection device, that can help identify low level infestations. It is the MOST accurate bed bug detector available on the professional market, offering science-based results with over 90% accuracy.

Through us using this new technology we can offer results within 5 minutes of testing.

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Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are small parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood.

Bristol Bed Bug infestations have been steadily rising over the last decade and new cases are identified in Bristol on a daily basis. Attempting to eradicate Bed Bugs from your property without professional help is usually futile, and can end up costing you an absolute fortune spending money on products that are not fit for purpose.

We have been successfully identifying and eliminating Bed Bugs infestations in domestic and commercial property in Bristol, and the surrounding areas for over 22 years.

Do Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

Bed Bugs are not known to be vectors of any disease, that does not mean that having a Bed Bug infestation is not dangerous.

Bed Bug Bites and the resultant reaction that can be caused, can be incredibly distressing and persistent scratching can lead to scarred pockmarked skin. Bed Bugs are bloodsucking parasites and In severe infestations, people have been known to become anaemic through loss of blood.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Adult bedbugs are flat and oval-shaped and are up to 5mm in length.  Colour can vary but are usually dark red to brown. When first hatched, Bedbugs are minute and translucent, making them very difficult to notice. Bedbugs get larger as they progress through 5 nymphal stages before reaching maturity as adults. The severity of bites and reactions to these bites increase as the Bedbug matures through its developmental stages.


How Do I Know If I have Bed Bugs?

  • Seeing a live bed bug in the bed, mattress, head board or on furniture around the bed
  • Small white eggs in the cracks and crevices of furniture
  • Blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases
  • Small blood spots on your bedding, mattress or bed slats (faecal spotting) blood deposited as faecal matter after the bed bug has fed
  • Waking up with bites that you did not have before going to sleep the previous night
  • On occasion of high Bed Bug activity-a musty, almost marzipan type smell (secreted from the Bed Bugs scent glands)

Should I Try And Treat Bed Bugs Myself?

Although there are Bed Bug treatments that you can buy over the counter, these seldom work. These products usually have very little residual activity and are not very strong. They can produce a quick knock down of insects that they come in contact with but are very limited in controlling problems in the long-term. Most products do not give you adequate advice on when and where to treat your property for the maximum affect. Treating a Bedbug infestation in the wrong way can lead to worsening the problem instead of helping to resolve it.


Bed Bug treatment is always best left to the professionals.

What type of treatments do we carry out for Bedbugs?

At Advance Pest Control Bristol Ltd we have a number of products in our armoury to help tackle bed bug infestations. Predominantly we use chemical based treatments as these offer the best and most effective residual activity. The chemicals we use are the very best on the professional shelf and are safe to be used in domestic dwellings.

We can also use the Cimex eradicator which is a super dry heated steam machine especially for bedbug treatments. The costs between the two types of treatments do vary and we can discuss your requirements with you as to which type of treatment is most suitable for you and your budget.

Do I need to get rid of my furniture?

It is very rare and usually as a very last result that we would advise you to get rid of any bedroom furniture and In most cases, it certainly is not necessary to throw away your bed and mattresses. The treatments that we carry out do work, however depending on the level and severity of your infestation, treatments can range from one to multiple visits to gain full control of your bedbug problem.

Before we carry out bedbug treatments to your property there are things you will need to do in preparation.


When we carry out a bedbug treatment to your property, there are some things that you need to do in preparation for our visit. The rooms that we are going to treat need to be as uncluttered and clear as possible. If we are treating bedrooms, all items need to be removed from wardrobes and any chest of drawers so that your bedroom furniture can be treated. If you have items in bed divan drawers or in the under bed compartments, these need to be removed so we can fully treat the bedframe. If you have wooden slatted beds, it is advisable for you to remove all slats prior to our visit so that these can be treated as well as the bed frame itself.

All items that are removed from the wardrobes, chest of drawers and under bed storage areas need to be double bagged and left within the room to be treated. By keeping these items in the room to be treated, the chance of cross contamination into other rooms is greatly minimised. If you are worried that there may be bedbugs in items of clothing, these need to be put through a hot cycle at 60° in either your washing machine or tumble dryer. Alternatively and if practical, your clothes can be bagged and put into a chest freezer for 48 hours as this will kill all stages of the bedbug life-cycle.

As long as these preparations are carried out correctly, the treatment we carry out to each room does not take as long to do, but is carried out very thoroughly.

The more cluttered the rooms are, the less likely the chance of the insecticide working correctly, and the treatment efficacy will be greatly reduced.

Please note, we use the very best chemical products available to us on the professional self to carry out your treatments. However please be advised that in properties with heavy or established infestations, it is highly likely that multiple treatments will be needed to gain total control of your bedbug infestation.

You will need to be out of the areas while treatment is being administered and you will need to stay out of all treated areas for a minimum of four hours post treatment. Any children and pets have to stay out of or treated areas for a minimum of four hours.

The insecticide that is used will act as an agitant and you may well see more activity post treatment than before the insecticide was applied, this is completely normal and to be expected.

The product we use has a residual activity of between six and nine weeks, which means the chemicals will continue to kill insects for that period. If bedbugs are still being seen or bites are still being received after 14 to 21 days, we would advise the property has a further or further visits.

And if you need any help or clarification on the preparation that you need to carry out before our visit please call us to discuss.

See what other people have said about our bed bug treatments:

My partner and I had been experiencing bites since we came home from a holiday abroad. We had seen a couple of small brown bugs on our mattress but had no idea what these were. We called Adam from Advance Pest Control Bristol and he came to see us the same day. He identified the insects as Bed Bugs and explained we probably brought them back in our luggage.  Adam carried out a course of 2 insecticidal treatments of our bedroom and thankfully we are now 100% Bed Bug free!
Mrs R Peterson

Clifton, Bristol

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