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Bristol Rat And Mouse Treatment

Bristol homes and businesses are continually facing rodent invasion, from new builds in Whapping Wharf to Victorian terraces in Bedminster.

Let’s face it; there are many companies around that offer extermination. Firms that will attend your property promising a ‘quick fix’, laying poison, yet being gone by the time your cheque clears in their account.

But what about finding the source of the rat or mouse problem and fixing that? Once and for all, finding a permanent solution?

At Advance Pest Control Bristol Ltd, we try our best to offer permanent results, not quick fixes.

We do our very best to not only clear your current infestation, but to try to locate the source of the problem and deal with that for you.

Sometimes however, finding the source of the problem can be an impossible task.

For instance with mice, if you live in the middle of a terraced row of houses, we can check the front and back of your property for any signs of ingress points. If there is no break within your building fabric at the front or rear of your property, then the only logical explanation of how they are making their way into your home, would be through gaps in the building fabric on either side of the neighbouring properties.

Quite often, as well as using a layer of slate for dampproofing, Victorian housebuilders would make a honeycomb wall at subfloor levels between you and your neighbouring property. This would mean that for every so many bricks they laid, they would leave a half brick missing to allow airflow between the rank.

When this is the case it means that rats and mice can easily transverse a number of properties under the floorboards levels, going from house-to-house within a rank, making it an almost impossible task to be able to stop this problem once and for all, and at this point it becomes a management issue ie. dealing with rodents as and when they arrive.

Although we will do our very best to find the sources of entry, we don’t carry a magic wand in our bag and cannot fix permanently every problem.

We do our best to make sure you do not face the distress of dealing with a rodent problem again.

With rats, it’s usually easier to locate the source of entry into your property, as most of the time rats find their way into your property through bad drainage.

Best Rated Bristol Rat Treatment

As Bristols best rated (3 best Rodent removal experts, we understand the pain and emotional distress caused by finding you are sharing your business, home or garden with rats or mice.

We help hundreds of landlords, homeowners, business premises and tenants each year to solve unwanted rodent issues.

Rodents need to gnaw continually, and this habit can cause vast destruction within a building.

Wires are a favourable substrate to get their teeth into; this can cause electrical problems, and in some cases fire within a structure.

You can stop worrying. We deal with rat and mouse infestations in Bristol and the surrounding areas on a daily basis.

Bad Drains?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Rat infestations in Bristol are caused by defective drainage?  Many of our cities areas are very old, and this means that their drains become problematic over time.

Bristol has a vast amount of older Victorian properties. 100-year-old properties, with 100-year-old brick, barreled drainage.

Rats can enter your building through exploiting a 10 mm gap. Usual points of entry are broken air grills or vents or holes within your building fabric that have been left when a redundant pipe has been removed and the whole hasn’t been filled in.

Also, rats are adept at climbing, if you have Rats in your roof, it is highly improbable that the rat has scaled the outside of your building or climbed up your drainpipe.

Your drainage should be a sealed system, but if there is a defect within it that has created a hole a rat can squeeze through, rats within the drainage will easily be able to find their way into your home.

This is very often the case when people are hearing rats in their new kitchen extension roof. Something has gone awry with the drainage meaning that rats can escape the drains and find their way into the property.

Once in, rats will climb through cavities and find their way into kitchen extension roof voids.

Although we do not have a CCTV camera ourselves we work alongside a dedicated and specialist team that can carry out any drainage investigative works.

Quite often drain investigation and remediation works can run into thousands of pounds, which is out of the remit of most peoples pockets.

If you have an accessible manhole/inspection chamber in your property, one of the easiest ways of stopping the rats from entering your home through defective drainage is to fit a stainless steel non-return valve into the inspection chamber.

We have now fitted thousands of stainless steel non-return valves into drainage and have stopped peoples rat problems once and for all.

It is worth noting that a non-return valve does not fix the underlying drain fault, but it does usually stop the rats finding and exploiting that fault and making their way into your property, and for most people it is a much more affordable option.

We will talk through the options available to you during your treatments.

How to spot if you have rats or mice

  • Sightings – A rat is a relatively large rodent usually in the region of 10-12” in length a mouse is approximately 3-4” from head to tail.
  • Noises – Often you will hear scurrying in wall cavities, ceilings and boxed in void areas.
  • Droppings – Mice drop up to approximately 80 times per day, and their droppings resemble brown grains of rice, and their droppings tend to be widespread. Rat droppings are considerably larger more like the size of a baked bean and rats tend to toilet mainly in a particular area.
  • Smear/Smudge marks – Due to the areas that rats travel, you will often find brown smear marks around pipes and holes, caused by a greasy substance on the rat’s fur.
  • Holes – Rats in a garden tend to dig burrows so you could find holes in your lawn or shrubbery
  • Nests – Both rats and mice will shred materials including paper and plastic bags to use as nesting material

Rat and mouse treatments

Although there is a myriad of products available to the domestic market, these are usually ineffective against the control of an established infestation.

The best course of action is to have a professional treatment carried out.

Bristol Rodent Proofing

Whatever type of property you are in, domestic or commercial, we will carry out a full external inspection of your premises. By doing this, we will be able to identify any entry points where the rodent is making its way into your property.

Entry points can be something as straightforward as finding an area where service piping goes through the substrate via a hole that is big enough for an opportunistic rodent to gain access.

If required, we can carry out EXTERNAL rodent proofing on your behalf, although please note this is not included within the cost of your treatment and is an added charge.

As a rule, we do not carry out internal proofing within a property. Rats can get through a 10 mm hole and mice can squeeze through a 5 mm hole and to retrospectively proof your property down to 5 mm is a nigh on the impossible task.

If you do need internal proofing carried out and this is something we advise you to have done, we can put you in touch with somebody who can carry out these works for you.

During our treatment we will identify the best and fastest way of clearance available to you, and carry out these works in a way that is entirely safe for you, your children and pets and any non-target species.



All of the products we use are the most humane on the professional market.

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Maureen Adlam


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