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Why proof solar panels?

Over the last few years, the installation of solar panels on domestic and commercial roofs, has become increasingly popular.

Solar panels require very low maintenance, but manufactures have not accounted for the inventiveness of pest birds, such as pigeons.

Sitting proud of the roof, a gap is created that provides an excellent and appealing area of shelter for pigeons.

Solar panel damage

Pigeons can cause damage to your solar panels and ultimately damage your investment.

Pigeon mess (guano) is highly corrosive and build up of this mess and nesting materials can be very damaging to both interior and exterior parts of your solar panels, causing corrosion and structural damage.

Decreased solar power

When a flock of pigeons has taken up roosting under your solar panels, it doesn’t take long for the panels to become covered in mess/faeces.

This inevitably, causes a decrease in power and the solar panels effectiveness.

Can Advance Pest Control Bristol help?

YES! At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we have been successfully ‘proofing’ solar panels for over 10 years.

We have established and fail-safe methods of removing roosting pigeons and restricting any further access to your solar panels.

Once we have installed proofing measures to your solar panels, it is impossible for pigeons to return.

You will be left confident in the knowledge that your solar panels and investment is firmly protected.

Call ADAM at Advance Pest Control Bristol TODAY on 01172051146 to book your Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing and let us resolve your problem

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