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We often take great delight when watching squirrels in the park or even in our gardens. The same can not be said when we realise a squirrel has taken up residence in our loft space.

Just like rats, squirrels have incisor teeth that grow continually, hence needing a source to gnaw against on a daily basis. They can quickly chew through a fascia board or soffit box and enter your roof space. Once inside they will continue to gnaw, this can be against any exposed wiring and has been known to be a distinct cause of house fires.

Squirrels have two breeding seasons each year, Feb/March and June/July, during these times they are more likely to try and find their way into your homes and your loft void. Loft insulation provides the perfect nesting material, and the relative seclusion of your loft makes an excellent place to give birth, a usual litter size is between 3-7 young called ‘kittens’.

Squirrels are agile climbers and will use any means available to access your loft. Drain pipes, television aerial cables, and vines and shrubbery all allow easy access to your roof. Trees that overhang your gutters provide a perfect spring board for squirrels to leap onto your roof. It is easy to access your loft void by pushing through gaps in tiles or any small holes between the building fabric.

Having squirrels invade your roof is not only dangerous but will also play havoc with your sleep!

Bristol Squirrel treatment

Because squirrels are pests, it is perfectly legal for householders to remove them, but due to the stringent laws regarding trapping and removal, it is best to always call in the professionals.

At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we have the knowledge, products and equipment to rid your home of these nuisance pests quickly, humanely and within confines of the law.


What Control Methods Do We Use?

There are two primary control methods. Traps and Poison. Traps will always be the preferred method of experienced pest control experts. There are two types of traps available for use, the Live Capture trap and the Break Back trap. These traps are self-explanatory.

The Live Capture trap, catches and contains the squirrel, to then be removed and humanely dispatched. The Break Back trap does exactly that. The squirrel dies immediately as it enters the trap, killing it effortlessly and very humanely. Using the trapping method will allow the squirrel to be removed from your property every time.

Using poison to rid your house of squirrels will often take longer than trapping, and require more visits. The main drawback of using poison is that there is no way of knowing exactly where the animal will die. Unfortunately, if this is in an inaccessible place, the squirrel will begin to rot and likely cause a terrible smell during its decomposition.

Accompanied by the smell with often come maggots, usually finding their way into your living spaces by falling through light fittings, or any small cracks within the ceiling plasterwork. After the maggots will come flies. This is the natural cycle of a carcass rotting and is inevitable.

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See what other people have said about our squirrel treatments:

We heard noises in the roof which turned out to be squirrels! Knowing how destructive they can be – I rang Advance Pest Control and Adam came out straight away – he got rid of them quickly and efficiently and provided a great service. Once the squirrels were gone, Adam made a revisit to our home and spent time blocking up holes made by the squirrels and other places where they could get in. Touch wood, since then, we’ve had no further problems. We received a great service from Adam and would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone with a squirrel issue. Thanks Adam, Great Job!



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