Bird netting in Bristol

Why Should We Control Birds?

Bristol has seen a large rise in bird populations over the last decade.  Numerous species of birds in the UK are a nuisance generating health and safety problems.  This is due to bird droppings, unwanted access and damage to buildings and nesting.   A lot of cases have also reported aggressive behaviour towards people.


Which Are the Most Common Nuisance Birds?

The most common nuisance birds are the gulls and pigeons.  Gulls or Pigeons in the home or workplace can become a huge problem.  City birds like gulls and pigeons are terrific opportunists when it comes to finding a home. If they find a sheltered nesting site with an available food supply, then their numbers can grow quickly.  These few birds can quickly become a flourishing colony.

Both birds have a huge presence in Bristol and the surrounding areas. They are increasingly becoming a serious nuisance in the inner cities of the UK.  Gull and pigeon numbers are increasing within Bristol and the surrounding areas daily.

What Problems Do These Birds Cause?

Gulls and Pigeons can cause serious problems for both domestic and commercial properties within Bristol and surrounding areas.  These issues include:


Building Damage – They can cause considerable damage to your building or work premises.  Gulls and Pigeons can dislodge roof tiles and destroy insulation.  Bird droppings and feathers can block rainwater pipes and gutters which can cause water damage to your premises.  The droppings that they leave can deface your building and the acid content within the droppings can deteriorate soft stone and cause long term damage to a building if not treated quickly.


Noise nuisance and disturbance Gulls and pigeons can be a nuisance around your property making constant noise, mess and health hazards from their faeces. If it is breeding season, then the birds can also become aggressive if they feel frightened or in danger.


Droppings and contamination – Accidents can be caused by slipping on droppings which is why this needs to be dealt with, especially around the workplace.  Breathing in dust or droplets of water that contain contaminated bird droppings can cause several diseases including:

  • Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that can be fatal. It results from a fungus growing in dried bird faeces.
  • Candidiasis is a yeast or fungus infection that is spread by pigeons. This disease affects the skin, the mouth, the respiratory system, the intestines and the urogenital tract.
  • Cryptococcosis is caused by yeast found in the intestinal tract of starlings and pigeons. The illness can begin as a pulmonary disease and later, this can affect the central nervous system.
  • Louis Encephalitis is an inflammation of the nervous system which can cause drowsiness, headache and fever like symptoms. It has sometimes been known to result in paralysis, coma or death. This disease is particularly fatal to people over the age of 60. This disease is spread by mosquitoes which have been feeding on infected pigeons, house sparrows, or house finches that are carrying the Group B virus.
  • Salmonellosis more commonly known as food poisoning and can be found in pigeons, starlings and sparrows. This bacterium is found in bird faeces and is spread when the faeces is dry and can move around in the air.
  • E. coli can spread by birds pecking on cow manure.  The E. coli will go right through the birds and the bird droppings can land on or in your food or water supply.


Aggressive dive bombing by gulls can happen around certain times of the year including breeding season.  Gulls breeding season runs from April until September.  Dive bombing can happen when gulls’ young are nearby or when food is present.


Is Your Building Covered Bird Mess?

Advance Pest Control in Bristol have a team who specialise in Gull and Pigeon faeces clearance. Droppings on buildings and pavements can look unpleasant and are a considerable health risk to people. We can guarantee quick and safe removal of Gull and Pigeon guano which will make your environment clean and safe again.  Our team can also carry out a decontamination service to all areas that have been cleared with an anti-virucidal treatment to keep you safe and disease free.


What Bird Control Methods Are Available?

Advance Pest Control Bristol has over 22 years of experience in supporting both domestic and commercial customers. We resolve pest bird issues, from netting huge areas of business buildings to stopping pigeons roosting in residential or business properties.  Below are a few of the options that we can provide for you.


Bird Netting – Bird netting of Commercial buildings in Bristol is a necessary due to the large flocks of Gulls and Pigeons.  Advance Pest Control Bristol can carry out the specialist installation of high-quality netting on buildings to discourage pigeons and gulls. We have been successful in eliminating many of Bristol’s building issues due to birds year after year. Our specialist netting team can supply and install a variety of nets and colour match these blends in with your building and surroundings.


Bird Spikes – Our teams also carry out the specialist installation of bird spikes. There are many different types of bird spikes to choose from.  We can help you decide which type is right for you and your building. We have been installing bird spikes in Bristol for over 22 years.  This method is a quick and efficient way to discourage both Gulls and Pigeons from your buildings.


Bird Wire Systems – Advance Pest Control have carried out several specialist installation of bird wire systems in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Several clients opted for the more discreet system of bird deterrents on their premises. We fit this system by drilling or gluing stainless steel posts onto ledges.  We then attach sprung wires to the posts under tension.  As far as bird prevention measures go, spring wire aesthetically blends in well on all buildings.  This system is extremely effective and will bird-proof your property.  Get in touch with Advance Pest Control to find out more.


Advance Pest Control Bristol have helped thousands of customers over the years to resolve any bird issues. Call us today on 01179088890 and speak with a friendly member of our team to find out more.