At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we understand just how distressing finding out you are sharing your home or garden with rats or mice can be. A rodents in built power for destruction can be very worrying indeed and the thought of wires being gnawed in your kitchen or loft space can give many sleepless nights, but you can stop worrying.. we deal with numerous rat and mouse infestations in Bristol and the surrounding areas on a daily basis.

How to spot if you have rats or mice

  • Sightings – A rat is a relatively large rodent usually in the region of 10-12” in length a mouse is approximately 3-4” from head to tail.
  • Noises – Often you will hear scurrying in wall cavities, ceilings and boxed in void areas.
  • Droppings – Mice drop up to approximately 80 times per day and their droppings resemble brown grains of rice and their droppings tend to be widespread. Rat droppings are considerably larger more like the size of a baked bean and rats tend to toilet mainly in a specific area.
  • Smear/Smudge marks – Due to the areas that rats frequent, you will often find brown smear marks around pipes and holes, caused by a greasy substance on the rats fur.
  • Holes – Rats in a garden tend to dig burrows, so you could find holes in your lawn or shrubbery
  • Nests – Both rats and mice will shred materials including paper and plastic bags to use as nesting material

Rat and mouse treatments

Although there are a myriad of products available to the domestic market, these are usually ineffective against control of an established infestation. The best course of action is to have a professional treatment carried out.

We will come to your property and carry out a full inspection. We will identify any entry points where the rodent is making its way into you property and give detailed instruction on how to prevent future re-infestation via proofing any holes or gaps within the fabric of your building.

We will identify the best and fastest way of clearance available to you and carry out these works in a way that is completely safe for you, your children and pets and any non target species.

All of the products we use are the most humane on the professional market.

See what other people have said about our rat and mice treatments:

Adam provides a quick and professional service.  He is really reassuring and knowledgeable and acted promptly to put my mind at ease when I was really worried about mice in my house. I would definitely recommend.

Jennifer Nisbett


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