Summer is the time of year that so many people crave, but with it comes a new wave of pests that are ready to invade your personal space and your homes or gardens. Want to know which pests you need to look out for? Whether it is horse flies, mosquitos, or rats looking for somewhere cool to nest, there are many pests out there that can cause a range of problems. Read the guide below for some expert insight.

What Are the Most Common Summer Pests?

There are a few to name, so let’s start with the most common pests that everyone will come into contact with at some point over the warmer months.


Wasps are dangerous because not only are their stings painful, but they also have the potential to cause allergic reactions and are extremely aggressive. If you have a swarm or nest on your property, you have to act quickly with a professional company like ours that handles Pest Control in Bristol. After all, the best pest control in Bristol is more than equipped to deal with wasp nests, and this is not a problem you can ignore. If you notice any wasps in a room on a recurring basis, this is strong indicator that there is a nest close by. Alternatively, you may be able to see a nest with the swarm attached.


Ants get everywhere in the summer months, and it is no big stretch of the imagination to assume most homes will see lines of marching ants in their living spaces at some point as the weather gets better. Normally on the lookout for food, ants won’t disappear unless you deal with them through preventative actions.


Birds looking for the perfect spot to nest may take up residence in your property until the winter comes around. Once a bird moves in, it is fairly noticeable, and their numbers will definitely grow the longer you leave them. If you let certain species get to the point of laying eggs and hatching chicks, it becomes even more difficult as there are certain protective laws to consider. 

Rats and Mice

Rodents can be a problem all year round, but they tend to appear more prevalently in summer when the days are longer, and the nights are warmer. They may be searching for a cool spot, or greedily grabbing food while they can, but rats need dealing with before they take over your house. They can cause a lot of damage when left unchecked.

What Can You Do?

If you find yourself facing a pest problem, never hesitate to give us a call. To prevent pests from moving in, make sure you have great food storing practices in place and that you are on top of all the external property maintenance where there could be clear points of entry. Keep an eye out for any signs of nesting from wasps or similar, and don’t delay action when necessary.

With summer firmly arriving, it is important to know the pests are coming too. Protect your home, and don’t ignore signs of an invasion.