What Causes Wasps To Act Aggressively?

There are many reasons why wasps will act aggressively to humans, but the main reason is if they feel that they or their nest is under attack.

In the summer months, many people get stung by wasps while mowing their lawns, as they unknowingly glide a mower directly over a wasp nest in the ground.

Both the noise and vibration of the mower will arouse a high level of activity from the nest, with the most probable outcome, being a large number of stings to the person mowing the lawn.

Wasps may not limit their aggression to humans only! If your cat or dog is in the garden, they are just as likely to be stung!

At this time of year, we are often going into our loft spaces to get out suitcases, ready to pack for a summer break.

This is a time when many people, unfortunately, encounter wasp nests, not even being aware that there has been a nest growing in size and activity for some time in their loft.

An established nest has a number of ‘guardian wasps’ that walk around and patrol the outside of the nest.

These wasps are forever on guard and will act very defensively if they feel that there is any disturbance or likely danger to their nest.

Accidentally disturbing a wasp nest can be very dangerous, as this can potentially cause the whole colony, apart from the queen, to join in with the defense and subsequent attack.

Wasps can sting repeatedly and even one sting to someone who becomes anaphylactic can be life-threatening and in extreme circumstances, fatal.


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