Pest Proofing

If pests can find a way into your home then they are likely to take up residence, particularly if there is easy access to food and water. With this said there are some things that make a home more attractive to pests and allow them to bread and thrive when they move in.

Some Of The Biggest Causes Of Residential Pests Include:

  1. Food – This is one of the main things that attract pests to your home. If you leave dishes in the sink over night and don’t clean up spills straight away or crumbs aren’t properly cleaned up this will be very appealing to pests at it is an easy food source. Even if you think your kitchen is spotless there are places that don’t often get cleaned that pests will find food such as underneath the fridge, microwave, toaster and other appliances. If your bins are full or don’t have lids then this will certainly attract pests. Bins should be emptied frequently and all bins in the house should have lids that shut firmly. And finally, if food isn’t stored away correctly then this will also attract pests, any opened cereals, pet foods or other dry foods should be stored away in plastic metal or glass containers to stop pests being able to access the food in them, and any pre-prepped or leftover food should be stored away in the fridge or freezer.
  1. Clutter – Pests love clutter! It provides the perfect hiding places and breeding grounds. If your home is full of plies of paperwork, clothes and other such items then it is inevitable that you will have a pest infestation at some point. The best way to avoid this, it to routinely clean and throw out, recycle or re-home clutter and any other items you don’t need. It will also help a lot to hoover regular and wash bedding and furniture.
  2. Moisture and Water – In order to survive, all pests will need a source of water and this can be found by pests in places we wouldn’t usually consider. Firstly, underneath sinks, these tend to be damp places, any leaking plumbing that has gone unnoticed, pet bowls, and cups and glasses that have been left on the side are all ideal source of water for pests. You should also try to avoid standing bodies of water outside your home as these provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  3. Garden Debris – Most pests will find there way into your home from your garden. If your garden is overgrown, bins are over full, or garden waste hasn’t been disposed of then all of this will attract pests into your garden and eventually your home. Overgrown trees next to your home are the perfect climbing frame for pests such as rats and squirrels to climb and gain access to your home via the roof or other cracks and holes high up such as utility cables and vents.
  4. Entry Points – In order for pests to infest your home they first need to find a way in. This could be from small cracks and holes in walls or window frames, poorly sealed pipes vents and utility cables, broken or missing roof tiles. If you find any potential entry points around your home then it is vital that you fill them as soon as possible to take away the potential entry points for pests.

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