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If you suspect you are experiencing unwanted pests in your home or business and need quick and effective control, call us immediately on 0117 205 1146 or email us at

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Pests at your home or business can be not only a nuisance,  they can carry severe health and safety implications and the potential for serious damage to your business reputation too. For these reasons, no matter the situation, environment or pest, if you suspect you have any type of pests activity in your Bristolhome or business, you need to act immediately to minimise these risks, call us today and we will gain quick and effective control of any pest infestation.

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Pest Control for your Bristol home

We can rid your home of any type of nuisance pests you are experiencing. Our treatments are incredibly effective and we can gain control over your pests quickly.

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Pest Control for your Bristol business

Pests can cause damage to your buildings, stock and reputation. Whatever type of pests your Bristol business is experiencing, we offer bespoke services and treatments to ensure we have your pests under control quickly and effectively.

How can Advance Pest Control Bristol help you, your home and your business?

Over 30 years of Pest Control experience in Bristol.

 At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we have been successfully controlling and eliminating pests from Bristolhomes and businesses for over 30 years. Adam our founder, started off In Pest Control working for Bristol City Council, where he was trained under the tutelage of two of Bristol’s most revered pest control professionals. After 13 years of working and being trained in their exacting standards, he started Advance Pest ControlBristol which has gained the reputation of being one of the very best pest control service companies in Bristol.

Learn what local Bristol residents and Bristol business owners are saying about our pest control services

“We were recommended Adam by a friend to help us with mice in our house. We text him at 8 am one morning and he called straight back and was out the same day. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and has a lot of experience dealing with any pest you can think of. We highly recommend Adam and good luck with getting rid of your pests!!”


A Happy Customer

Quality Products

We use only the very best and most proven products available to us in the professional pest control market, all from industry led suppliers.

Local Bristol Expertise

Being born and bred Bristolians, we have an deep and intimate knowledge of our great city and the unique pest problems associated within Bristol’s specific areas.

Ethical pest control services

At Advance Pest Control Bristol we are 100% committed to providing only the most ethical pest control services and pest control solutions.

Expert Bristol Pest Control

We can rid your Bristol home or business of all nuisance pests and ensure you’re in control of your space. 

Our pest control services include

Even if the pest you’re having problems with isn’t listed above we can still help, get in touch now for an immediate consultation with Adam, the best rated pest controller in Bristol


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    I whole heartedly recommend Adam for all commercial and domestic pest control requirements. A 5 star service thank you Adam – and no more pests   Great Service.


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