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At Advance Pest Control Bristol, we solve hundreds of Fly issues in business and domestic properties in Bristol every year. We identify your pest fly and carry out a treatment appropriate to the specific pest species.

We have over 22 years experience in understanding the different common pest fly species including their life cycle, habits, environment and treatment.

Significant problems can be associated with flies in your home or business. There are many types of fly that will infest your property at different times in the year.

Having a fly issue can often be symptomatic of a larger problem and correct identification is a must.

Some species will alert you to problems with drainage, whereas other flies will be indicators that there is a hidden carcass of a dead animal, somewhere within the fabric of your building, most commonly associated with rodents or birds.

There are thought to be about 7,000 fly species throughout the UK.  A large number of flies you are likely to encounter are known carriers of disease. 

Different flies can be a sign of different issues within your home or business and flies are attracted to different environments suited to their particular habits and life cycle.

Blow Flies

Blue bottles and Green bottles are very well recognized due to their iridescent metallic colors. They are known as scavenger flies and are attracted to dead animals, carrion and rotting organic material. It is whilst feeding and breeding that they collect harmful bacteria that can easily be passed on to humans.

Sewage Flies

Are flies often associated with water and drains where the larvae feed on the organic matter often producing large numbers. These flies can lay their eggs where only a minimal amount of stagnant water is present, this can be in the bottom saucer of a house plant. They are small and furry in appearance and gives them their nickname of ‘Moth Fly’.

House Fly

The House flies are major carriers of disease and can be found in any type of building, domestic or business.  They are attracted to all types of food, where they eat and lay their eggs.

Fruit Flies

These flies are usually found infesting fermenting fruit or in residues left in pubs and juice spillages on picnic tables etc.

Cluster Flies

These encompass a large number of flies that are found in properties during the colder months of the year.  They often take up residence in loft spaces hibernating over the winter where their numbers can reach many thousands.

It is always best to have the fly species identified by Experts so as to ensure the correct methods of control are being used as incorrect treatment will not rid you of this nuisance pest.

See what other people have said about our fly treatments:

After noticing a large number of flies in our home, we called Advance Pest Control Bristol and spoke with Adam.  After describing the flies Adam said we had an issue with ‘Blow Flies’ and told us we probably had a dead mouse or other creature under our floorboards.  He made a visit to us and identified where the flies were coming from.  A very swift treatment from Adam and no more flies!

Mr Benton

Brislington, Bristol

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