As you all know we are now suffering the stress of ants and flying ants in our homes and gardens.  Especially now that the weather is nice and warm, they start to appear in their thousands. Ants will ruin your lawn and infest your home in search of food becoming a nuisance in homes and businesses and causing a hygiene issue.

UK Ant Species

You can expect to find more than 12,000 species of Ants but there are probably three specific Ant species that are more common in the UK.

In the UK you would normally find the Black Garden Ant, and sometimes the Ghost Ant and the Pharaoh’s Ant.  All of these ants can offer various and tough challenges for a Pest controller and the homeowner.

Black Ant / GARDEN ANT)

We have all seen the Black Ant. These are the most common ants across the UK.  These ants are small but strong and they are not known to carry any serious diseases that we know about. But saying that, having ants running around your kitchen worktops and the rest of the house is unhygienic. They are coming in from the outdoors so who knows what they will be carrying in with them.

They generally live outdoors underneath patios, lawns and the foundations of you house. Ants eat many different foods like seeds, insects, and human food that is lying around.

Ants nests can be around for years!  The start of the colony starts with the new queen then begins laying her new eggs into the ground. These eggs will soon become the first group of the colony’s worker ants and there main job is to make sure the nest has enough food to survive and of course, protecting the Queen.

Controlling Ants

If you do have an ant problem in your home, then you could initially try finding the access points that they are using and block them off. This can be backed up by an ant treatment which can be effective if used correctly.

If the problem is outdoor ant nests, then these can be treated with insecticides if needed.  The problem is here is that if you interrupt the nest, then any ants that manage to escape will move to another nest site which only causes more problems.

Ants are extremely intelligent creatures and can be challenging to get rid off if not tackled right.  Advance Pest Control have various methods and solutions that are very effective, and we can offer methods of ant control that are aimed at specific ant species.  Gel baits can kill the nest from inside out as ants take the bait back into the nest for rest of colony to feed on. We would recommend using a Professional gel bait as these are much more powerful than over the counter products

If you cannot get rid of the ants in your home then please give Advance Pest Control a call. We can help you eliminate your ant problem quickly and safely with no harm to your family or any pets that you may have. 

If you have any issues with any pests such as ants in your garden in Bristol then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol today on 0117 908 8890