As the end of the year starts winding down, the leaves start yellowing, the kettle starts running a bit more, and unfortunately, all those pests that have been thriving all summer are ready to move indoors.

As your trusted Bristol pest control, during the autumn months, we get a number of phone calls surrounding pest problems.

We’ve put this blog together so you can learn more about these pests, and how to avoid them coming into your home.


Wasps are still a nuisance throughout Autumn. Because of their life cycle, you are more likely to spot wasps around your home or office at the end of summer and throughout autumn. During this time they are also feeding on the ripe fruit, and this diet makes them “drunk,” and extremely aggressive.

If you have wasps around your home, office, or school, contact a Bristol pest control service to remove the wasps and their nest as soon as possible.


As summer winds down, ants quickly retreat indoors. Once they’ve invaded your property, it can be a service problem, especially in the areas where your prepare or eat food. Ants communicate using chemical scent trails. As soon as they find food, they can quickly communicate back to the colony, and soon you’ll have an infestation. 

The best thing to do during these months is to keep your home clean and tidy from crumbs. 

Bed bugs

Bed bugs don’t actually thrive in the autumn months, but after years of pest control in Bristol, what we see happens is that people return from their summer holidays, and it takes a few weeks for them to develop. In fact, sometimes it can be months from when they enter your home until it’s an infestation. 

Bed Bugs should be treated professionally. If you suspect you have bed bugs, please call a local Bristol pest control service immediately.


We have a lot of calls for spiders in the autumn months because as the days get shorter and colder, spider move inside for light and warmth. If you have spiders in or around your property, reach out for pest control services.


Flies will begin going into buildings to hibernate during late September and onwards. They are not entering your home to feed or breed, and overall we do not consider them health hazards. However, if you want to get rid of them, definitely contact a pest control service in Bristol.


Surprisingly, fleas thrive in the autumn months. Their population peaks from September to November. Warmth makes fleas hungrier, which is why people assume that during the summer they are the worst. However, with the heating on, fleas are more likely to want to feed on both pets and people. 

You can use flea shampoo or call a Bristol pest control service to ensure you and your pets are bite free.


Rodents like rats and mice need to survive the winter by finding food, water, and warm shelter. They will attempt to find this in your home by gnawing through wood and wire or fitting into small cracks. Rodents can transmit many diseases, bring fleas and ticks into your home, and are extremely destructive.

Contact a pest control service as soon as you suspect you have a rodent infestation.


Call a Bristol Pest Control Service

While many people think during the autumn months pets are returning to the ground and we won’t see them again until the spring, many pests are thriving. 

If you have any of the pests we listed in this blog, please reach out immediately to ensure you, your family, your pets, and your colleagues are pest free.