Pest Proofing

The best way to prevent rats, mice, squirrels, and other pests from entering your property is to pest proof it. Rodents are extremely good climbers, so they are able to successfully climb any rough vertical surfaces as well as keeping well balanced along thin wires or cables. This is why it is important to assess your property for any gaps up high as well as ground level.

Rats are able to travel quite a distance undetected through the likes of cavity walls, soffits and loft spaces before they reach a space in which they can be seen. You are more likely to identify a rodent infestation by seeing evidence of dropping, greasy marks and scratching noises before you ever actually see a rodent.

It may surprise you some of the access points that rodents will use in order to gain access to your property this is why our team at Advanced Pest Control Bristol have put together this guide on how you can effectively pest proof your Property.

Pest Proofing Your Home or Business

  • Vents and Air Bricks – You should cover these entrances with galvanised wire mesh to allow air to circulate but prevent rodents using them to get into your property.
  • Doors – Fit brush/bristle strips to the bottom of the door to prevent entry, this is particularly necessary in older properties where the fit of the door may not be quite so snug.
  • Drains and Pipes – Rats are known to swim up damaged sewer pipe and even make it around u-bends in toilets, so it is always worth keeping the toilet lid down! Rats will also use drainpipes as a method of entry. By using tightly fitting metal screens or grates to cover the drains and regularly check for breakages, any you find should be fixed immediately you will reduce the rodent’s chances of getting into your property this way.
  • Eaves – Any damaged roofing should be fixed immediately; wire mesh can be used to seal gaps.
  • Pet Flaps – Rodents will use cat flaps as their own personal doors.
  • Gaps in Walls – holes around utility wires and pipes should be sealed, even if they are too small for a rat or mouse to squeeze through rodents can make any small holes around your property bigger by gnawing so they can turn the smallest hole into an entrance point. Wire wool, concrete or caulking should suffice.
  • Lawns and Shrubbery – Keep lawns and bushes well-trimmed to reduce shelter and hiding places around your home.
  • Roofs – Rats and squirrels will scale a building as well as using overhanging branches and wires to get into loft spaces, so ensure there are no broken tiles and gaps around your roof, you can seal off any gaps using wire mesh.

As there are so many potential entry points around your property for rodents to use the best thing you can do to stop them entering your property is eliminate as many of them as possible and this will drastically reduce the chance of you getting a rodent infestation.

If you need help pest proofing your property or your too late and have a rodent infestation, then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol today – 07771503107