Moving to a new house is often an exciting experience, however it can be the perfect opportunity for pests to move in with you! It could be that you’re escaping a current pest problem or the house you’re moving into has a dormant pest problem you aren’t yet aware of! The pests that pose the biggest threat during your move include:

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are most homeowner’s worst nightmare; they can be very difficult to get rid of once they have infested a property. This is definitely one of the most important pests to avoid when moving into your new home.

If you currently have a bed bug infestation and think that it will be long gone when you move, this is incorrect. Unfortunately, bed bugs will move with you via, mattresses, bedding, furniture, clothes, and other such items. The best way to avoid taking bed bugs with you when you move is to have the infestation dealt with before you leave.

Professional bed bug treatment is the best way to avoid bringing bedbugs to your new home. It is also advised that you wash all clothes and bedding on 60 degrees wash as the high temperatures will kill off any bed bugs and larvae nesting within the fabrics.

Another thing to bear in mind is second-hand furniture. Any second-hand items that have fabric as part of their make-up can be perfect hosts for infestation, so even if you have never had an infestation by bringing second-hand goods into your new property the risk of infestations occurring is still there. Make sure you thoroughly inspect and clean second-hand items before bringing them into your home, and it is always an option to have the professionally treated before moving them into your home as well.

Although bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of professional pest controllers have the knowledge skills and equipment to ensure that they can completely eradicate any pest infestation that occurs.

Fleas – most people only associate flea infestations with pest however fleas can also lie dormant for months at a time in carpets. So even if you don’t have pest once you have moved into a new property you could find an infestation starting to appear even a few months after you have moved into your new property. Fleas reproduce incredibly quickly laying around 2000 eggs in its lifetime so as soon as you spot signs of a flea infestation it is important that you get it dealt with quickly before the infestation spirals out of control.

If you are moving into a new property with carpets, then it is a possibility that the previous owners had pets with fleas that some of the fleas stayed put. If you don’t have pets yourself then a flea infestation at your new property will be even more obvious as you will be the one getting bit!

It is always best practice to thoroughly hoover carpets and any rugs you are taking with you both at your current property and the new property before you move in, as well as getting them deep cleaned.

If you do have pets make sure you keep them up to date with flea treatments to avoid, bring any existing fleas on your pets to the new property.

If you are worried about a flea infestation at your new or current property, then contact your local pest controller to come and carry out the necessary flea treatment to completely eradicate the fleas.

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