rats in drains

A lot of homeowners experience rat infestations and 8 out of 10 internal rat infestations stem from problems with drainage systems. More often than not it is down to the poor maintenance of drains, cracks in the sewage pipes or caps missing off the interceptors.

If you think of the main public sewer line as the M1 for rats and every line into the sewer is an A road or B road. They have a huge amount of pipework that they can make their way through! As rats can compress every part of their body other than their skull only a small hole is needed for a rat to get through. This means that if any part of a drain pipe is broken, collapsed or left redundant without being sealed then there is a chance they can leave the drainage system and enter your property.

If you have rats in your property you may hear them running around in the loft, ceiling, or in wall cavities. You may also see rat droppings and marks on your walls. The average lifespan of a rat depends on the species but on average it is usually around one year, however rats bread rapidly and one or two rats can quickly grow into a huge infestation, so it is important to deal with the problem quickly.

If you have a rat infestation due to drainage problems, then you should contact your local pest control company. They can assess the situation and when confirmed the rats are getting in through the drains they can install a rodent barrier to your drain. Rodent Barriers work by blocking off sewage pipe access from rats while keeping the flow of water and waste from inside unaffected. They fit easily to the exit pipe from your house to the street.

If your having rat problems or are worried, you may have a rat infestation then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol to see how we can help. – 07771503107