Rats and mice have successfully adapted to share living space with humans. These rodents have found a way to make themselves at home amongst people, invading our food supplies, attracting other pests and spreading diseases, overall causing havoc wherever they go. The main reason for their success is an incredibly high birth rate!

Rodent Reproduction

Mice reach sexual maturity at the age of four weeks! Each mouse is capable of having up to 6 young per litter and have between 5 and 10 litters each year. Mice also have a short estrus cycle, this combined with the ability to breed all year round means that just a couple of mice can quickly become a huge infestation. If mice find their way into your home then they will find a way to access food you have stored in cupboards or even bins! They are also safe from predators such as owls and hawks in your home so a small infestation can very quickly turn into a serious health and safety threat to you and anyone in your household or business if left untreated.

Rats like mice are also extremely efficient when it comes to reproduction. Rats sexually mature very quickly and are capable of having multiple litters of up to 12 pups each year! They are also larger, have a longer life span than mice, and are a lot more destructive. Rats need to gnaw constantly as their teeth are constantly growing so they need to keep them well trimmed this can cause a lot of damage around your property.

Rats and mice both leave droppings everywhere and often attract other pests such as cockroaches and flies around the food they have gathered and stored. As these rodents have sufficient food supply’s they will thrive, considering that both mice and rats see almost anything as a good meal then it is very easy for a small infestation to quickly become a massive and costly problem in homes and businesses.

Rat and Mice Control

Over the years, we have developed a better understanding of how to try and keep these rodents away from our homes by improving hygiene, architecture and agriculture however rat and mice infestations are still a serious problem in every community.

There are various ways to try to deal with rodent infestations these include: Electronic devices, traps and pesticides. If you have tried getting rid of mice or rats yourself but had no look resolving the problem then its a good ideas to call out a professional pest control company to come and effectively deal with the pest problem.

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