Your home is supposed to be a place for relaxation, but that can be difficult if pests have made themselves at home. Dealing with an infestation can be challenging, which is why adopting effective pest control methods is recommended. After all, it’s easier to prevent fires than fight them. Below, we’ve gathered together a series of tips and strategies to protect your Bristol home from pests.

Pest Infestations and Health Conditions

Before jumping into prevention tactics, it’s important to note that a pest infestation can do more harm than giving you the ick. If left untouched, pests can carry serious health conditions that can be potentially deadly including typhoid, salmonella, and dysentery. If you see signs of a pest infestation, make sure you contact a reputable pest control company.

Sealing All Cracks and Crevices

Everything from mice to ants can make their way into your home through the smallest cracks and crevices in your exterior and internal walls. Therefore, you should make an effort to regularly check and repair any cracks. If you do this on a monthly basis, you’ll avoid being faced with an enormous DIY task.

Storing Food in Airtight Containers

Any Bristol pest control company will tell you that pests enter your home to find a warm place to live and an endless supply of food. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to eliminate food sources. A great way to start is by storing all food in airtight containers, which will help trap the smell inside and make your home less appealing to rodents and other pests.

Regular Deep Cleaning

If you let your home get messy, you’ve created the perfect environment for pests to make their home. Therefore, you should make a strict deep cleaning schedule and stick to it. When you commit to a deep clean, it involves moving furniture and other fixtures and removing filth behind them and under them. This is especially important in the kitchen, where dropped food will fester and make for an enticing pest’s meal.

Installing Window Fly Screens

Flies are about in swarms during the summer months when most people leave their windows open to stay cool. However, alongside the cool air, flies will enter your home and can start nesting if you’re not careful. Having a fly infestation in your home isn’t pleasant, and eradicating the problem can be challenging. Therefore, to prevent pesky flies from entering your home, you should install fly screens on the window. Doing this allows cool air to enter your home but keeps flies and other winged critters on the outside.

Place Natural Traps

Sometimes, no matter how much preventative pest control you do, a pest or two will make its way into your home. Therefore, you should place natural traps as a precaution, which will allow any rodents to be contained humanely. All you need to do is take it far away from your home and let it go.

Pest control doesn’t have to be an enormous task; you simply have to make small adjustments to your routine to make sure your home is clean and well-maintained.