While it’s usually nice to welcome guests into your home, there is one type of visitor you never want to deal with – pests. Whether the pests are ants, birds, rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps or something else, these are truly unwanted house guests. Unfortunately, here in Bristol, there seems to be a hidden pest problem in that it may be more common than you thought. Data shows that just last year, Bristol City Council was asked to deal with thousands of rodent problems and infestations.

So, why is this such an issue and why should it be a concern? The answers may make your skin crawl.

Infestations Can Be Incredibly Bad for Your Health

One of the main reasons you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to a pest infestation in the home is that it can be very bad for your health. Pests are known for spreading a variety of diseases and can contaminate all surfaces in your home. Negative health effects can include respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, asthma flare-ups or attacks, vector-borne diseases, rabies, Lyme disease and more. Some of the diseases spread can even be fatal.

There is also plenty to be said about the mental anguish that a serious pest infestation can cause. It’s very stressful to be sharing your home with pests, and it can weigh on your mind and even make you dread spending time in the house.

Pests Can Be Very Damaging to the Home Too

Besides the negative health implications of a pest infestation, they can also cause serious damage to the structure of the home. Sometimes it’s just cosmetic damage, and other times it has much more of an impact. If you’re dealing with carpenter ants or termites, for example, they can quickly cause structural damage. That is not only a huge repair cost but also dangerous in terms of the integrity of the structure.

Rodents are destructive too, as they can ruin things such as clothing, furniture, and flooring with their chewing/gnawing, droppings and urine. Again, that leaves you with an expensive repair bill – and sometimes repair won’t even be possible; instead, you’ll need to replace the items.

Once You Notice the Infestation It’s Usually Quite Big

When you first discover a pest or two, it’s common not to worry too much. It‘s probably nothing, right? The problem is that once you start noticing the signs of pest infestation, chances are it’s already become pretty big. Pests are known to have very rapid breeding cycles.

Dealing with it on your own isn’t usually recommended either. You not only need to properly get rid of the current infestation, but you also want to take steps to prevent future infestations. As a Bristol Pest Control company, we are used to dealing with a wide array of pests common to the Bristol area and we will ensure your house is safe and free of unwanted visitors.

Turning a blind eye to a pest infestation issue in the home is never wise considering all the negative health consequences it can have, never mind the damage it can cause. Bristol continues to be a hot spot for pest infestation, so it’s important that homeowners watch for the signs and be aware.