It is the start of the wasp season and with the weather improving and longer nights BBQ season is also on the cards! So our team at Advance Pest Control Bristol though we would share a few tips on what you should do if wasps start to interfere with your BBQ!

The best piece of advice that we can give you is to never swat a wasp, as this could lead to many more joining you soon after. When a wasp has been swatted it gives off a chemical pheromone that calls out to other wasps that danger is nearby and they need help, so soon after a wasp has been swatted a small army will be coming to investigate with stings at the ready! So, if swatting is off the table what can you do to keep the wasps away?


Using materials that repel wasps is probably the best course of action. And there are a few things that are proven to be effective.

  • A crumpled-up paper bag can be used as an imitation wasp nest, this will trick wasps into thinking a nest is already in your garden so they will look elsewhere to build theirs.
  • Sliced cucumber around where you sit can keep the wasps away as it has an acidic property that wasps do not like.
  • Garlic and lemon are also good at repelling wasps as they do not like the smell.


If repellents aren’t working you can use wasp traps. You can make a DIY trap or buy them online or in DIY shops. If you are going to make your own all you need to do is use the bottom of a plastic bottle and use the top as a funnel into a liquid mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt, you can also spry cooking oil on the sides so that the wasps have no grip to try and avoid the mixture.


Insect Repellents work well, however it’s not necessary to rush out and buy some its likely you have everything in your kitchen cupboards to make your own. All you need is soap and water.

Simply mix the soap and water together and spray on wasps, the soap will weigh their wings down and the liquid will suffocate the wasp. This should only be used if the number of wasps you are dealing with is small, as a large number of wasps will need professional wasp control techniques to safely get rid of the wasp nest.

If you have tried these tips and are still having problems with wasps or you already have an established wasp nest in your garden so its to late to try prevention techniques then contact Advance Pest Control Bristol Today for safe and effective wasp nest removal – 07771503107