If you’re having a pest problem at your home or place of business, you know you need to get rid of them, but you may not want the invading pests to have to die in the process. Maybe you’ve come across a nest of mice that includes babies. Of course, you don’t want the pests, but you also don’t want that weighing on your conscience. And we completely understand that.

That’s where ethical, humane pest control comes in. Here’s just a few things to know about these no-kill methods, available from your local pest controller in Bristol.

What Exactly is Humane Pest Control?

Essentially, humane pest control, also referred to as “wildlife removal,” entails getting unwanted animals or insects out of your living space without killing them. It also means preventing them from getting in or coming back. 

This practice of pest control in Bristol uses ethical, humane methods like “capture and release” in place of pesticides or kill traps. We understand that while we don’t want these pests in our home, near our food, or in our gardens, they also aren’t intentionally malicious animals or insects. They’re only seeking shelter, warmth, and food as they exist how nature intended. 

How Can You Practical Humane Pest Control?

The first step in ethical pest control in Bristol starts before we even arrive. 

You’ll want to keep your living areas free from potential food sources, such as crumbs by the toaster or a biscuit that rolled under the refrigerator. Being mindful of food spills and keeping a clean house is the best way to avoid pest invasions. This way the pests aren’t inclined to seek food at your home or workplace.

However, in spite of this, pests of all sorts can still need to be removed from time to time, and that’s where we come in.

How Does Humane Pest Control Work?

If you don’t have an active pest infestation, humane methods can also be used to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. 

With some pests, even the cleanest home in Bristol is not enough to ward them off, but effective, humane treatments are available for your pest control needs. If you do already have pests in your home, humane pest removal services can capture them, saving you from the stress and potential harm.

While there’s many ways for you to prevent unwanted pests from getting into your home or garden, including treatments available from your local pest controller in Bristol, the actual removal of the pests can be more difficult. Setting non-killing, humane traps, and relocating the pests yourself may seem compassionate, but it’s not always a permanent or humane solution if done incorrectly. In many cases, it is best to call a professional pest control service in Bristol to handle the removal and proper relocation. And you can make sure you’re choosing a pest controller that uses ethical methods that don’t harm the insects or animals in the process.

Benefits of Ethical Pest Control in Bristol

Humane methods of pest and wildlife control eliminate the potential of pain and suffering for the animals, to put it simply. While rodent traps are designed to kill mice or rats instantly, some merely injure the rodent and leave it suffering. Pesticides and poisons can take several minutes, hours, or even days to kill the pests, but humane methods entirely eliminate this potential distress. 

These methods also lower the chance of offspring being orphaned, when other methods can kill the mother in a nest of rats, mice, or other wild animals. The creatures that need to be targeted are not the only beneficiary of humane wildlife and pest control either. Traditional poisons and pesticides can also be toxic to your family, your pets, and the environment. 

By choosing ethical pest control methods that do not rely on toxic chemicals, you can keep your family and your environment safer and healthier. And if you need the best-rated pest controller in Bristol, do not hesitate to call today.