Ants are active all year round however, it is during the spring and summer months that they become a nuisance as they are a lot more active. There is no one answer that can explain why ants come into our homes, it is easier to explain what it is that attracts ants into your property so that you can try and deter them from entering your property in the first place.

What Attracts Ants into Your Home?


Ants are always on the scavenge for food, as soon as they find a good food source they use a trail of pheromones to let the other ants within the colony know where to find it, this then results in a constant stream of ants making their way into your home or business so they can carry food back to the colony.

To avoid this you should keep your home clean and crumb free, Most ant infestation in homes tend to be in the kitchen, this as you can imagine is their favourite room in the house as there are plenty of food sources available, It is important that you sweep and hoover regular to keep crumbs off the floor and clean up any spills on the counter tops or floors as soon as they happen to avoid any sticky residue being left behind as the ants will just love this. If you can get into the habit of regularly wiping down the sides and cleaning the floors this will go a long way to stopping ants invading your home.


Ants don’t need too much water in order to survive, the bulk of their water intake comes from their food, however there are a few species of ants that love wood that is damp or moist so under the sink and around the cabinets is another common place to find them.

You should check your pipes regular to ensure there are no leaks and if you find a leak get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent moisture building up.

Your Home Is Inviting

Ants more often than not will make their colonies outside of your home as this environment suits them better however, they will make their way into your home through just the smallest cracks in window and door frames and any other entrance into your property such as vents, cables and pipes.

Go around your property and seal off any cracks that you can see around window and door frames, vents, pipes, and other such places. This will help to keep the ants out of your home. It is difficult to keep windows and doors shut during warm weather particularly if you have kids! However, try to keep them close as often as possible to prevent ants entering your home.

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